Experimental Design

EEG and MEG experiments

EEG/ERP research in Zhang Lab.

MEG research in Magnetic Source Imaging Lab at United Hospital, St. Paul.
Collaborator: Dr. Wenbo Zhang

MEG work at Research Center for Advanced Technologies at Tokyo Denki University.
Collaborators: Dr. Iku Nemoto, Dr. Masaki Kawakatsu, Dr. Keita Tanaka, Dr. Atsushi Aoyama

  • Oddball paradigms
  • Stroop paradigms
  • Syntactic and semantic violation paradigms
  • Audiovisual and cross-modal paradigms
  • Priming paradigms
  • Random block designs

fMRI experiments at CMRR

Students: Sharon Miller, David Akbari, Liz Tusler
Collaborators: Dr. Phillip Burton and Dr. Cheryl Olman

  • Block designs
  • Event-related designs

More details are provided at CMRR 3T Wiki web site.

Stimulus preparation

  • Speech synthesis
    • Klatt Formant Synthesizer
    • HLsyn
    • STRAIGHT synthesis in Matlab
    • Praat
    • Sony Sound Forge
  • Acoustic analysis
    • Praat
    • Matlab
  • Audio and video recording and editing
    • HD Canon camcorder combined with high-quality audio recording with Presonus Firebox and professional microphone.
    • Audio and video editing using Final Cut Pro and Sony SoundForge

Stimulus presentation

  • NBS Presentation
  • ANT eevoke
  • Matlab
  • Visual C++
  • E-prime

Software development in Zhang Lab

  • New phonetic training software is currently being tested in two collaborative studies in China. This software uses a new database design for data collection and audiovisual exaggeration in adaptive listening. It is based on the software used in Zhang et al. 2009.
  • New routines for EEG analysis (ANT .cnt format) and MEG (Neuromag .fif format) analysis using MNE2.6 have been developed with the help from Dr. Matti Hämäläinen.
  • Statistical routines for MCE analysis in MEG (Neuromag .fif format) have been developed. New MCE work is under way using Dr.
  • Matlab scripts are routinely developed to analyze behavioral, EEG, MEG and fMRI data. These programs are for specific projects, especially for speech synthesis and EEG and MEG analyses. See Zhang et al. 2005 and Zhang et al. 2009 for specific applications in MEG studies.
  • Praat scripts are developed for acoustical analysis, simple experiments such as goodness rating and speech synthesis.

Consulting and collaborations

  • For students and researchers who seek technical consulting and collaboration opportunities, please write to Zhang Lab in SLHS at ude.nmu|balgnahz#ude.nmu|balgnahz


K. Uutela, M. Hamalainen, E. Somersalo. Visualization of Magnetoencephalographic Data Using Minimum Current Estimates. NeuroImage 10,173-180,1999.

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