Lab Users

Before experiment

  • Reminders. Make sure the participant is well informed about the procedures of the study, and send a reminder the day before the experiment. Note that special hair styling products can cause problem for EEG measurements. It is recommended that subjects wear 100% cotton clothes.
  • Interferences. Metal pieces (keys) and electronic devices such as cell phone, MP3 player, wrist watch may cause problems for measurement. Note that undesirable statics may build up during an experiment longer than 30 minutes.
  • Turn off fan in the booth right and the main circuit switch inside the booth before experiment.

During experiment

  • Notes and records. Keep complete notes and records for yourself and lab manager.
  • Gel. Wiping the mastoid, temporal and frontal sites is recommended before applying the gel.
  • 60 Hz noise. Make sure the ground channel does not get too much gel in it (Too little is also not good…) It is important that subjects do not put their feet directly on the floor.

After experiment

  • Cleanup. Remember to clean up (chairs, desk, etc.)
  • Cap washing. Click here for the instructions recommended by the manufacturer
  • Laundry. Please send a reminder to zhanglab about laundry if the towels are about to be used up.
  • Security. Make sure the main switch is off and turn the fan in the booth back on after the experiment. The doors must be securely locked before leaving.
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