Current studies looking for participants
Infant EEG

We are looking for infant participants for two short projects.
Project 1: Language preference
Project 2: Sound discrimination and speech perception

Target age range: 4~14 months old typically developing infants

We conduct collaborative infant research with ELAB directed by Dr. Jed Elison at the Institute of Child Development.

The payment for infant participant in our study is $20.

It takes approximately 50~60 minutes.

We provide free onsite parking next to the lab (within 30 feet walking distance).


  • Thank you for helping with our research that can potentially improve the life quality of people with speech and hearing problems. We aim to better understand how the brain supports speech and language for communication. All our studies are completely safe and approved by the Human Subject Protection committee at the University. We have successfully collected data from over 500 adults, 60 infants, 50 children in the past few years. We are very flexible in scheduling for your lab visit and arranging onsite parking for you.

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