ZLAB Notes

Reading materials

ERP Book
For ERP research, we recommend Dr. Steve Luck's book. The pdf files for each chapter are available on the shared lab folder. The printed book is also available in the lab.

You can also read the book online via umn library.

Online short EEG tutorial videos for beginners

Practice basic electrode positioning with the international 10-20 system

Drag the electrode label circle to the intended position on scalp. If you did it right, the label would stay on the head.

A full documentary about top secrets of the brain

In-house Training

  • Data collection training. We do training for our students during real experiments. Please check lab calendar for scheduled experiments online.
  • Data analysis training. Please schedule individual training sessions with the lab manager or senior lab member.
  • Templates for conference posters and journal manuscript preparation are available to lab members.

Lab meetings

Consulting and collaborations

  • Members/collaborators: Please use the online member forum for Q and A before asking for an appointment with lab manager or Dr. Zhang.
  • For students and researchers who seek technical consulting and collaboration opportunities, please write to Zhang Lab in SLHS at ude.nmu|balgnahz#ude.nmu|balgnahz. Depending on time availability and interest match, we may not be able to provide consulting or technical support to you.
  • CLA Brain Imaging Scientist, Dr. Phillip Burton, would be a good resource for those who work at University of Minnesota.
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